28% Increase in NI Industrial Tribunal Cases

By MediationNI,

Category: Mediation, Workplace

The number of cases being brought before the Industrial Tribunal in Northern Ireland is on the

rise. Workers bring claims against their employers on the grounds of unfair dismissal, wages

and payments disputes, and experiences of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation and age



As reported by Andrew Madden in the Irish News (17 January 2017), a total of 3,030 cases

resulted in 7,144 complaints against employers in Northern Ireland in the 2015-2016 financial

year. This is 28 percent more cases than the previous year. These cases resulted in employers

paying a total of nearly £1.5 million in compensation to claimants.


In the past five years, workers have brought a total of 14,404 cases to the Industrial Tribunal in

Northern Ireland.


Could workplace mediation be an earlier and less costly response to issues raised by workers in

Northern Ireland? Workplace mediation enables employers and workers to engage in robust

dialogue about emerging issues before the issues progress to the point of unfair treatment or

breakdown in the working relationships. Both employers and employees can request mediation

for disputes in order to open lines of communication for expressing concerns and finding

resolutions before concerns escalate into an intolerable workplace and intractable positions.

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